Its Over for now….

Polite over at last. Tired and exhausted…. Running here and there….Even stayed overnite at Aishah house. (Jia Lin, Diana and Syu also). Ms June sent them to Aishah’s home then sent me home. Chatted lots wf her. They all KO around 12plus. Me stayed up till 3.30am to do the Elimination Chart. Aishah KO leaving me alone talking by myself. I realised i have admirer.. LOL even miss June said tat. 2nd day was so extreme hot…Ended early. NP won the POLITE Games this year again… “Congrats”

This morning woke up whole body cramps andin agony pain….I nid a good massage. Yestday Ms June help me wf my back…. SHIOK….. Slept during Marine Dyanamics and Ship Resistance class…. Oh ya NewcastleUniversity chancellor came juz now… We been receiving lots of visits from Newcastle university, last week the Dean came down to Singapore. Cool…..  

“Kemenangan ku dianggap nasib baik bukan kerana usaha gigih ku sendiri di mata mereka… Adil kah ini……!!!!”


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