Morning went Oil & Gas exhibition @ suntec city. Took ride from one of the classmate, forget his name.  Quite cramp at the back seat. Derrick, Alvin, me and Rai… LOL… I sat betwn Alvin and Rai… LOL..Derrick was touching Alvin’s lap… Ahaahhhh… Alvin prtend to be shiok…. I also joined in… Ahahah… When we get down, Alvin asked us to pay him coz he entertained us…. LOL…Managed to visit Lloyds Register, Keppel OM booths & etc. Gained lots infor. I want the soft rubber Ship that Dr. Dev got… I wan… I wan…!!! Sadx…  After that played at the nearby playground. They called me monkey coz once i reached the playground, i climbed the monkey bar, up & down the slide, run here and there…. LOL… Took neoprint wf Fen Loo, tiff, Raymond, Derrick, Rai, Alex and other gangs…Been ages took neoprint. Oh i shot at DM archery, Suntec City… Tried compound bow. That lady was lecturing me bout archery, lol…She thought i’m beginner, she said ” I teach you how to shoot..!!!” Fun have to come to an end, rushed back to sch by bus. Whc took 1 1/2 hr. Alighterd at SP, wah i  was so excited coz for the 1st time i went to the Maritime Academy blk & MacDonld… Cool..!!! If only NP hav Mac… Then headed back to NP. After sch went stdy and released tension at libary joined by Diana… Talking emo stuffs(emo to the max)… Later Khatid joined at 6plus. LOL.. he made me and Diana laughed till tears and stomach cramp LOL… Diana and khatid were ganging up against me… Argh… DIANA…!!! Poor me… Hwever, had fun LOL… ahahaha…. Thanks Diana and Khatik, btw Khatid sorry to make you go home in raining condition…Actually, he bet on somethg…!!! LOL…

Pictures i took recently….


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