On the last day….

Yesterday was the last day for Marine Engineering students. Went Marina for Swensens wf them. Thanks Minin for driving us there… Thanks alot… =)   Played pool…(didnt play  coz i dun noe) ahah… the guys we taking photos over and over again…lol… I thk they took the most photos (posing all the diff poses)… Went for movies ” The day the Earth stood Still” after that.. At last i watched movie since for the past 6 months… lol…There this scene the professor writing all sorts of equations on the black board, then we started laughing coz we thought of Dr Arun Dev (My marine Dynamic Lecturer) exactly the same… Ahaahhaah…. Also anther scene where Keanu Reeves ask to pull over, lol he wanted to go mcdonald? lol…Everybody start laughing… It was a gd movie …  I wanna go watch movies again… Anyone want to go ? Enjoy myself…Thanks Derrick for the ride home…

Argh…Dr Arun juz gave Offshore engineering another coursework…..Argh……!!! Stress…..

P.S: Many thanks to these 3 fren who make my day yesterday….(Khatik, Edward and Minin…)


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  1. Posted by Benjamin on December 13, 2008 at 7:23 PM


    Looks like alot of people are changing over to word press =)

    Cheers Rasmi . .


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