Lost the most valuable thing in my life again. What i lost my voice again..!!!! history gonna repeat itself again. After a few days of having swollen thyroid gland, i am now down wf bad sore throat & lossing my voice. Rye was telling me maybe there’s monster living in my throat. Argh…. now i’m back wf  square one where i still remember on my 1st day of sch last september, i’m mute!!! Cant talk. It was actually painfully expereince. Ppl having difficulties understanding me. Above all, it was me who suffered the most coz i cant live wfout talking. So it was like “Hey, thats the no voice gal”  What…!!!

Had gd sleep, after overnite stdying wf Rye at BeutyWorld. It was cool experience!!! Talk craps and disturb ppl who are asleep. LOL.. Sorry to you who i disturb u early in the morning. Ahaha its juz for me to stay awake.  Doing it on sun again..!!!!  Drank coffee alot, i was like having parkinson the next morning. Too much coffee actually do affect my nerves system. I guess after long time i didnt drink coffee. I wanna have ice cream again at Island Creamery (Serene Centre) & Waffle town (NP new canteen)…. Yeah…!!! “Aishah!!!”


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