Coping well i guess……

Easter break but aint taking break coz need finish on the courseworks like 11 of them..??? Luckily didnt have Marine Science….Ahhahaha…. But tons of stuff need to be done. Resistance & Propulsion done juz nid final touch up whch take like whole week to do it whre my dearest Dr Aykut said “Half of the afternoon you can finish it…” Credit goes to him coz he really help and guide along in the process… Thank you Sir… Flooding experiment OTW too… Sorry choo if we taking long! Marine structure is getting on the nerve!! Argh its like what the hell…!!! so difficult. Just handed in my Marine Production Management whc took whole weekend to do it. Mummy…!!! Exam time table is out.. Not setting enough time for revision. Last sems i did badly..!! This sems cant afford to screw up….Back to sch now, Many more nid to be done. Been goin back home late spending time at sch(include wkends)….its like a second home to me. Nvr been hard working as this i guess. Correct not Thayibah..???? Studies and courseworks aside, had best camping trip ever wf my NU frens though it was 2 days. Its totally fun @ PULAU UBIN…!!!!

Pics below…


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