E…X….A…. M…S…!!!

The disasterous days has come knocking on my door…. Its called the monsterous “EXAMS”

18 may : Naval Architecture II

21 may : Resistance & Propulsion I

25 may : Marine Production Management

28 may : Business & Law Management

03 jun : Marine Structure IIA

two paper down, left wf 3 more paper … Stay overnite at Changi Airport to stdy, unbelievable tat we actually become very productive stdying there… Ahhaha…. Tonite will be there again…. All well prepared. After this here i come United Kingdom (purposely spelling it out) ……. !!!!! Hahaha…..!!!! but sad after last paper back to the SHIPYARD till the very  last day b4 i fly to london…….!!!!!

Ok rasmi concentrate …concentrate on the 3 papers…. Cant afford to flung it… !!!

New RASMIBAK slogon “DUN RISK IT…!!!!!”  – muz be weird crap my slogon my business


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