After exams ovr, back to the yard! Coolman, dint expect lotz of thgs to change. After 2 yrs, its totally diff. Changes in the management and the officers. Coach Jaffar, to be truth, this time lots of “Abang…Abang” not “Uncle….uncles.” Haha….. Hope he doenst knoe bout it. Syu, if u read this, dun be “Pau tou Queen” LOLz. As usual back to the Production side for the 1st wk. Haha kinda wierd coz i’m wearing white overall same as the officers & engineers. Up and down the vessels. This Anehs who were painting, stared at us wen we past them, “Aneh, u painting the pillar or painting us?!!” Lol… They are nice ppl. Frendly. Drenched in sweats…. Follwed this 2 “Abang Officers” Climbed up like 7 storey vessel to the main deck then down into the heart of the vessel (Engine room) back to the top deck… Wah…like doing 2.4 km run. Lunch time is always rice wf curry fish….!!!! Its okay and cheap. There, ppl do thgs very fast-walk, eat, change, drink, climbing, toilet, talk…. Can say everythg they do very fast(if this is ur lifestyle, u can work in the yard). Even they reach work very early(0645) . Its a must tat they need to get aftern nap after lunch. So nt surprise to c anyone sleeping at the canteen floor while u are still eating. Wk 1 nt bad, wk 2 OMG….!!!! Were sent to the Engineering office. Sad…..!!!! Help in piping section. Its tough. Nt tat i didnt learn Autocad and tribon in skol, but its piping  tat tough.!!! Haiz…..!!!! Sham…. You nid to help us…!!! our faith is in ur hand..!!! “SHAM!!!!!!!!”

Work aside, 1/2 finish packing for luggage. Wah so messy dun noe wat to bring. Lots of stuff to bring. Currency changed…!!! Shld have change it months ago when GBP was way low than now….!!!! Nt sure wthr wil it be enough for the trip. Wonder if there’s laundry service. If there is, then i bringing less….!!!! Cant wait. But kinda feeling rushing….!! Thinking bout it, kinda miss my mummy and sister. Since for the pass months been very busy no time to spend thgther. Packed lots of instant noodles in my trunk. Wah i bet wen i reach UK, its gonna be Harry Potter Fever….!!! yes man….. !!!! Professor Snape…. Here i come…..Actually Alan Rickman that i fall for…!!! Sorrry Syu and Coach Jaff… Its Uncle again… Ahahaaa. Anyway got my new toy, ” Cannon DSLR EOS 500″ W.A.H…..!!!!! Hen cool lei…!!! OM OM OM…!!!!

Ahem..Ahem… B4 flying off, i muz start on my FYP now. The purpose of me opted to be in the production coz i wanted the exposure for my FYP report. SHAM…..OH…. SHAM…. Pls help us… Pls hlp me…. Pls..Pls…Pls….!!!!! my fyp depends on YOU…..!!!!!


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