“People always do what makes them comfortable on the inside.” Thats all i can say.  I’m not sure wther wat i’m doing wil offend others tat care for me. I do appreciate them. Don’t know why i juz wanna be alone all by myself. Well, like Rye said its juz me. At the end of the day i juz wanna sleep well and not feeling shitty bout myself. I miss my mum and sis badly. Well its my 1st time being away from the family very very very far….. another end of the world……..!!!! Well now is 7pm in newcastle, kinda lazy to go out to roam the town. Well its kinda wasted isnt not going around the town. Anyway, i juz need to be by myself. Not sure why. Has been a gloomy start for me man. I nid someone to talk to. Anybody?  Hate tis shitty feeling !!!!!!


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