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Perasaan cinta itu dimulai dari mata, sedangkan rasa suka dimulai dari telinga. Jika kamu mahu berhenti menyukai seseorang, cukup dengan menutup telinga. Tapi apabila kamu cuba menutup matamu dari orang yang kamu cintai, cinta itu berubah menjadi titisan air mata dan terus tinggal di hatimu dalam jarak waktu yang cukup lama….!!!




“Do you know it’s easier to say what you feel in writing than saying it to someone in the face?

But did you know it has more value when say it to their face?”



I thought you really care!!!! I was wrong bout it. It nvr happen. So its  juz purely sympathy or bcoz you are told to do so? Is it a burden to you? Looks like it… Anyway thank you very much…..

PLastic World

Unbelievable…. Life if like a box of chocolate….Full of NUTS..!!!!

Just cant stand how plastic ppl can get. Where is the sincerity in them? Lost it on thw way here? Watever ppl. As long u dun get into my way its ok. Why cant we get along, share the happy moment together peacefully. One, thk i learnt, “Do watever u wan, dun care bout wat other ppl say bout you!” Maybe some see me as a hyprocrite but look i’m trying my best to get to know anyone instead of juz “STICKING” to ur own clan.  Amazing isnt it human behaviour?  Yup at the end of the day juz do watever u wan as long ur happy wf it…!!!!

Cant wait to be back in spore…..

A week past in Newcastle, UK

Time past so fast that i hardly have time for myself and start studying. I was detained at the Heathrow inmigration for 6hrs. I missed my flight but i’m so lucky tat they re-booked a flight for me to Newcastle. Felt shocked. Its kinda scarry for a 1st timer like me who travelled alone to UK. Its ok i’m fine now. Newcastle is super cold for me though they said its summer. They are all hero coz they wear tank top and walk. Ahahaha. Safely in Newcastle now. 1st wk of lesson was bit dry. Lectures all the way and busy jotting down notes like crazy. The distance from our accomodation to our lecture venue is very near juz 10-15mins walk. Had lots of fun. Its been long time since i had rice. Its all instant noodles, bread and cheese is my new diet. LOL!!! Once Minin invited me to join him for dinner at this Kebab restraunt. Wah the portion damn big. Huge. Thanks minin.!!!! Spore the portion is damn small. Oh ya, had this grilled PARI PARI chicken … OMG i had 1/2 chicken. Lol..!!! With tat time of eating lifestyle, i’ll put on weight…!!!

Thurs went to Handcork Pub. Wah so cool… its my 1st time i can say. I had coke only, they were tempting me to drink. Wah i was shocked to see the state of my classmates. They are heavy drinker i can say but some i thk cant control alcohol quite well. Enjoyed myself. Took lots of photos at the pub. Yan, Alex Ng and TC was bullying me to take photo wf the student leader (ANDY). Oh my, syu he so hansem and cute… After that went to the QUay side to snap photo of the Millenium bridge of Newcastle. Cool man …. Roam arnd wf my dearest Yan. He’s bit drunk i can say. Talked nonsense lol…!!! He even controlled his bladder coz its difficult to find toilet. Also the shops close very early at 5pm. Oh my. The nite life in newcastle is happening. Ppl got drunk on the streets. I saw a guy pee beside an ATM machine openly. WOW… Shld have snapped a pic of tat. LOL!!!

1st day(fri-24/7) of field trip to Holy Island(Lindisfarne Priory & the Lindisfarne Castle). An hour journey towards north of UK, it was super cold due to the North Sea. I wore 3 layers of jackets. Nice scenery. Enjoyed myself. Snapped lots of photos wf my baby (DSLR cannon EOS 500D)… Cool..!!!! OH ya i took photo wf this 2 Bikers . Super cool man. wats coolest are their bike. Oh fall in LOVE if it lah.  They are also charming omg….!!! In spore ppl their age take apek bike man. They are super cool… Rebecca & syu dun worry, I’ll tapau 1 for both of u man..!!! Ahahahaha….!!!!! Dun be jealous. Hahahaah….

2nd social trip (sat-25/7) “Endinburgh, Scotland”  cant believe i actually went to scotland. 2hr journey. Wah… Scottish…scotland….Yahooooooo….!!!!! Weather, its colder then Newcastle but there’s sun for sure. Roamed round the town. Had my 1st Fish & chips meal. Wah damn big like fish & co but at a cheaper rate. Ahahah… Filled. Funiest moment was tat i took pic wf one of the scottish guy on the street wearing the traditional custume, after taking photo he kissed me on the cheek..I was like shocked. OMG…!!! Ahha tats their greetings. Syu dun pautoh coach k… ahahah… Bought lots of stuffs there, i also became a knight for the day. I had my leg tattoo too. Lol for 4 pound. wow..!! Its cheap. Took pics wf guys playing pipe bag. Even visited Scotland Heritage Museum. Wow… Fantastic drawing. Oh ya wen i was at the American Express Bank, i crack my back and neck, one of the guys was shocked and said “Aww…tats hurt my lady….” lol…..I wanna go back Scotland again, its much more colourful plc to be…. I thking of goin back.

Went jogging for 2x alrdy, 1st time wf Karthik and Edward. They bought me to tis cow farm… Wah lots of cow dung. We run from our accomodation to the cow farm…Lots of cow dungs i can say. Karthik scared of the cow man, he got so freak out. hahahah…. Managed to run around the farm. Cold and fresh air. Nice Breeze….Its an experience to run in this type of cold weather… Cant get it in spore unless u run in the full blast gym.


“People always do what makes them comfortable on the inside.” Thats all i can say.  I’m not sure wther wat i’m doing wil offend others tat care for me. I do appreciate them. Don’t know why i juz wanna be alone all by myself. Well, like Rye said its juz me. At the end of the day i juz wanna sleep well and not feeling shitty bout myself. I miss my mum and sis badly. Well its my 1st time being away from the family very very very far….. another end of the world……..!!!! Well now is 7pm in newcastle, kinda lazy to go out to roam the town. Well its kinda wasted isnt not going around the town. Anyway, i juz need to be by myself. Not sure why. Has been a gloomy start for me man. I nid someone to talk to. Anybody?  Hate tis shitty feeling !!!!!!


Wat the hell you, u juz embarrassed me front of everybody man…… Wat the %*#***%%@…….!!!! It spoilt my whole evening, argh…!!!!! Hope today gonna be fine man, cross fingers….!!!! Hope nobody remember wat happened yesterday. I hope you’re nt angry wf me for calling you %^^@*@.  Juz pretend nothing happen.!!!!!!!